ASE Structural can design any and all structures for residential, multi- family, and commercial buildings. Our qualifications enable us to act as specialty engineers in designing individual structural components and as the Engineer of Record responsible for your entire structural system.   


While designers and architects design space for us to live and work, structural engineers ensure that these structures are structurally sound.  What we see once a residence or a building is complete is the result of all individuals involved.  People using these spaces more readily observe the designs of the architect; however, they may not realize the immense coordination in which structural engineers and architects participate.  Structural engineers are responsible for designing the structure(s) so that the final design both satisfies the client’s ideas and budget and the architect’s aesthetic while ensuring that the structure meets or exceeds all local code requirements.


We lead and coordinate on foundation, framing, and wall bracing design for residential and light commercial projects. We have experience with the following materials: 

Wood Framing

Heavy Timber & Heavy Timber Trusses

Light-Gauge Steel

Structural Steel

Conventionally Reinforced Concrete

Post-Tension Reinforced Concrete


When clients suspect a structure may be failing, compromised, or unable to sustain its load, lateral wind load, gravity load, or soil pressure load, structural engineers determine whether the building is structurally sound or to what extent the building has sustained damage.  Determining the location and extent of the damage and analyzing the most probable contributing factors occurs when hiring an experienced engineer.  Responsible for over a thousand forensic investigations, David Willis, P.E. has a depth of experience unparalleled.  While maintaining the engineering credo of holding paramount the health, safety, and welfare of the public, David maintains honest, respectful relationships with clients.


Visible damage, such as cracks, sustained by movement signals individual homeowners, insurance companies, warranty companies, and realtors/brokers seek the firm’s expertise on whether damage to a building component has in fact occurred, and to what extent.  Effectively communicating the damage and the cause of damage to the client, along with the most economical repair, is the outcome of such investigations.


On a foundation investigation, the investigating engineer prepares a written report for the client, detailing the relative floor surface elevations of the foundation, movement pattern of the foundation, the damage to construction and finish materials, and the cause of the damage and movement of the foundation.  If applicable, repairs are recommended in the comprehensive analysis.  The firm’s process ensures to clients that their residence or commercial structure is investigated thoroughly utilizing the most reliable technologies.  The satisfaction from the firm’s loyal client base has made ASE Structural. the trusted firm for structural investigations in this area. 


ASE is experienced in investigation residential, multi-family, and commercial buildings involving:


  • Property damage resulting from fire, wind or water

  • Property damage resulting from movement of expansive clay soils

  • Documenting and analysis of as-built structural components in regard to potential design or construction deficiencies

  • Documenting and analysis of as-built structural components in regard to future remodeling modifications

In addition, David’s expertise has allowed him to be called as an Expert Witness in several legal cases involving property damage disputes.