DAVID R. WILLIS, PE, Founder & President


David has more than 30 years of structural engineering experience, including the analysis, design, and compliance inspections of residential multi-family, and commercial structures utilizing metal-plate connected wood truss components, conventional wood and heavy timber, structural steel, and light-gauge steel framing systems, with post-tension and conventionally reinforced concrete foundation systems. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering with emphasis on structural engineering from The University of Texas at Arlington. He holds three different patents on various light-gauge steel truss framing devices.


As Founder and President of ASE Structural not only does David manage all company affairs, he also leads ASE’s Structural Forensics Department. He has conducted, supervised, and reviewed thousands of structural forensic engineering property damage and property condition investigations. When required, he provides expert witness testimony during legal proceedings for many of his investigations.


David and his wife Kathryn enjoy traveling and spending time with their six grown children and ten young grandchildren.